Wednesday, February 4, 2015

World Cancer Day 2015

I knew something was special about's World Cancer Day and St. Jude's 53rd Anniversary thanks to founder, Danny Thomas!

It seems like over the last few weeks, I've read more Facebook posts about friends battling cancer themselves or with a loved one..or whose lost loved ones to cancer. My thoughts and prayers have been with them. We understand just how much cancer sucks.

I also realize that I did not post about our second trip to St. Jude at the end of October when we learned that Lily's treatment was a success (no radiation needed). As I'm looking through some pictures to share, it's still so odd for me to think that my daughter fought off cancer.

Here's a few pictures from that trip.

Mask up for port access.
Weight is better.
Did chemo make me taller? 
Lily likes to help with her blood work.
After her Assessment appointment,
we saw this special artwork!
Cheering for Breanna

Radioactive tracer for a PET/CT scan is
carried in a tungsten - heavier than lead.
Movies on the ceiling - only at St. Jude!
My little trooper never moved.

After reviewing the results of her scans, blood work, and physical exams, it was the consensus of  the medical team that Lily showed no signs of cancer activity and now in remission. We were given the all clear to remove her port! Yay!

Hug from Mrs. Jessica, CLS, after surgery.

Adventure is Out There

During the week, we were able to go on a few adventures. We visited the Memphis Children's Museum, Zoo, and Graceland. Lily kept asking to ride the horse and carriage on Beale Street so we took her one evening. Admission and the carriage ride were free of charge to St. Jude patients. The community support for St. Jude families is astounding! Even some of the restaurants offered discounts.

They could not get enough Memphis ribs. 
Ribs every day - this little girl could eat!
Since we were at St. Jude the last week of October, we were able to attend the Halloween festivities. The nurses, doctors, staff, and volunteers really go all out with decorations, costumes, candy and goodies to provide a fun day for the kids at St. Jude. Lily wore her Elsa costume that Grammy made - she was so pretty! My favorite table was a dedication to Robin Williams., which included a few of his iconic characters :)

Early Detection is the Key

I cannot express the importance of early detection! You know your body. Parents, you know your children's body. If something doesn't look right, get it checked out. I believe having that enlarged lymph node examined so soon after first noticing it on Lily's neck, we were able to catch and treat the cancer at such an early stage. 

It's amazing how our lives have changed in the past 6 months...

As always, we thank God, the medical staff at St. Jude and the Baton Rouge Affiliate Clinic, and your thoughts and prayers for helping to heal Lily. She's a tough little girl and I look forward to seeing what God has planned for her.


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