Thursday, May 14, 2015

It's Graduation Day!

Pre-K Graduation, 2001
High School Graduation Day.

It's finally here!

Fourteen years ago, right about this time of year, a precious little blue-eyed boy walked into my life. A spitting image of his father, and just as sweet, Brendon become a permanent part of my life.

Some of the first pictures I have of Brendon start from his pre-school graduation.

In the beginning, I often refereed to our family as "instant family, just add water" and Brendon as my "labor-less child." I still call him that :) We were the Three Amigos -- at least until Luke and Lily came along.

Milestone events, such as graduation, stir up lots of reflections and sometimes even regrets. Being a "step-mom" its tough. Our journey has been the hardest, funnest, wildest, and even at times the most uncomfortable roller coaster ride I have ever been on. I enjoy coasters but there were many times when I wanted to get off the ride and would have jumped from the highest spot. However, I've never been a quitter. Our family was always much more important to me than taking that easy way out and our relationships have grown stronger by working through the rough times. This is love. Besides, I always felt Brendon deserved to see and understand how mothers are suppose to support, love, and stand by their children through the most vulnerable, impressionable, and precious years of their lives since his birth mom had taken that easy road (and that's all I'm going to say about that).

God knows what he's doing. I know that He put me in Brendon's life, alongside his dad, to guide him and give him the family life and support he deserves. We've given it our best shot. But God also put him in my life and I can't image it without him. I can honestly say, not only is he my son but also one of my best friends. We certainly did not get to this point overnight. We've fought, yelled, laughed, cried, joked, hugged, etc...sometimes all in one day...but we've grown to have an special understanding about each other and a wonderful bond, plus tons of funny inside jokes.

Ring Day, 2014
So here we are finally at the big day! We made it. I say "we" because it has certainly been a family and teacher joint effort. When I say I'm proud of Brendon, I say it with such a full and truthful heart. School was never easy for him. Roger and I stood by him through late night, last minute homework and project assignments (with lots of frustration and tears), conduct marks, parent/teacher conferences, band performances, 4-H projects, Cub Scouts, etc. I always stayed in touch with teachers and checked grades and missed assignments online. I cannot thank the teachers enough who helped encourage and challenge Brendon to get to this day.

Funny thing and in typical Brendon fashion, we are beyond late on taking Senior pictures. So, I'll have to add his picture after today because the only picture I care to share is the one in his cap/gown holding that prize diploma!

With all my love and happiness, Congratulations and enjoy your day, son!


He got it.


  1. You and Roger must be so proud! Thanks for hanging in there, Juliet.

    --John Duhon